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Our Vision and Mission

To create a patient-centric ecosystem of care within the medical tourism industry

Remedazo’s founders have closely observed the rapidly expanding medical tourism industry and found it lacking. Traveller trust is often unappreciated or taken advantage of in a sector where profitability and speed stand central. Our members share a sense of honour and responsibility towards their roles in both our company and in the healthcare industry as a whole; as the faces behind Remedazo, we place honesty, respect and decency on the same level as quality medical care.

This is why your experience with Remedazo will be different.

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Clouds in the Sky

Our Values

Concentric values for concentric care

Our Values Form The Centre Point Of Our Service; Every Step Of Your Journey Is Protected By Them. Our Group Dedication To Quality Care, All Of Our Carefully Thought-Out Travel Itineraries, Every Personal Physician And Helpful Staff Member - All Share These Same Values Of Integrity, Empathy And Decency. Thanks To This Set Of Intrinsic Values, We Are Able To Offer A Medical Tourism Experience Attuned To Your Needs. Knowing You Will Return Home Healthier, Happier, And Safe In The Knowledge That We Will Continue To Monitor Your Progress Is Our Motivation And Reward.


It’s All About You. Without Your Trust, Input And Feedback, There Is No Remedazo. Compassionate And Empathic People Are Persistent And Consistent When It Comes To Gaining Knowledge. This Makes Them More Open To Life-Long Learning, And More Attuned To The Needs Of Others.


Communication Stands Central At Remedazo. Together, We Achieve The Best Results. By Partnering Or Affiliating With The Country’s Best Healthcare Providers, We Have An Effective Team That Wants To Learn And Communicate About And With You.


We Deliver Competent Practice. In Every Aspect Of Our Work, From Medical Care Through To Administration And Logistics, We Know That True Competence Requires A Continuous Learning Curve And Practice. We Understand How Healthcare Is Improved Through Listening To What The Patient Has To Say.

Why Us?

At Remedazo, We Strongly Believe You Have The Right To Excellent, Affordable, And Ethical Medical Care Wherever You Are In The World. Our Mission Is To Embrace A Medical Tourism Industry That Combines Compassion, The Finest Quality Of Care, And Complete Security. Through Our Holistic Approach, We Achieve An Alternative Vision Of Medical Tourism Taken From Your Perspective.

We Promise To Turn A Customary Period Of Worry And Stress Into A Smooth, Safe And Positive Journey Towards Better, Affordable Healthcare. This Is Achieved Through An Excellent Medical Team And Open, Transparent Communication; Just As Importantly, We Possess The Capacity And Willingness To Listen And Respond To Your Individual Needs, Preferences And Values.

Remedazo Provides A Coordinated And Integrated Service Based Upon All-Inclusive, End-To-End Care For Medical Tourists And Their Accompanying Family Members And Friends. We Are Committed To Supporting Your Every Step Through Guidance, Expertise, And Responsiveness. Remedazo Pledges To Fulfill Every One Of Our Medical Travellers’ Needs Through Our Ability To Make Your Medical Tourism Journey The Best It Can Be.

Just A Click Away

We Solve Every Potential Challenge Before You Step Out The Door

Remedazo Works According To Your Specific Requirements, Solving Individual Challenges Long Before You Leave The Home. From The Moment You Register On Our Secure Platform, You Are Assured A Complete Medical Tourism Experience Which Does Not End In The Recovery Room.

Arriving In A Strange City Can Be A Daunting Experience. New Languages, Environments, Sights And Sounds Are The Reason We Like To Travel, But In The Field Of Medical Tourism These Usually Positive Features Can Create Additional Stress And Worry.

Remedazo Has Thought Carefully About Creating An End-To-End Service Where Every Potential Challenge Is Solved Before It Is Given The Chance To Become An Actual Challenge. Our Service Adapts To Your Needs, Because We Understand That Everyone Experiences Their Journey In A Unique Way.

“When I is Replaced by We, illness
Becomes Wellness”

-Malcolm X.

Have A Safe Journey

Our Medical Tourism Experience Begins At Home With The Selection Of Your Doctor Or Hospital. From The Familiarity Of Your Own Environment, You Discuss Your Medical Requirements And Options During A Free E-Consultation. Upon Acceptance Of Your Treatment, Remedazo Will Arrange Visas, Transportation And Accommodation According To Your Preferences. You Have Enough To Think About, So Let Us Do The Hard Work For You.

Once You Have Arrived At The Airport, We Provide Compassionate And Dedicated Interpreters And Guides, As Well As Any Additional Local Assistance You May Require Or Prefer. Naturally, Our All- Inclusive Service Takes You Through Every Step Of Your Treatment Plan With The Support Of Your Personal Physician, Providing The Correct And Immediate Response To Each One Of Your Physical, Psychological And Emotional Needs.




What’s in the Name?

You Might Be Wondering Where We Got Our Name.

Remedazo (Pronounced Reme-Dazo) Represents Two Words: Remedy And Azo.

The Meaning Of The Word ‘Remedy’ Is Threefold, And We Stand For Each Variation. According To The Merriam Webster Dictionary, A Remedy Refers To A Medicine Or Treatment That Relieves Or Cures An Illness, Something That Corrects Or Improves, Or The Action Of Righting Or Preventing A Wrong. With A Mission To Remedy Your Every Need, As Well As To Remedy Any Negative View Of The Medical Tourism Industry, This Word Has Particular Meaning To Us. Azo Is A Variation Of ‘Ajo’, Which Means ‘Traveller’ In Yoruba, A Language Spoken In West African Countries Such As Nigeria And Benin. It Was Important To Us That You, The Traveller, Became An Integral Part Of Our Name.

Our Partners

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