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Available treatments

Image by National Cancer Institute

Targeted therapy, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery: diverse methods used to combat cancerous growths and cells.


Precision procedures address brain, spinal cord, and nervous system disorders through surgical intervention and delicate techniques.

Heart and vascular treatment

Advanced interventions for heart and vascular conditions encompass surgeries, stents, and lifestyle changes for cardiovascular health

Orthopaedic surgery

Orthopaedic surgery repairs bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles, restoring mobility and function for improved musculoskeletal health.

Weight loss surgery

Surgical interventions for weight reduction, altering digestive system anatomy.

Cosmetic treatments

Enhancements to appearance through procedures like fillers, Botox, and lifts.

Fertility treatment

Medical interventions aiding conception, including IVF, medications, and reproductive technologies.

Connected Healthcare ecosystem

A Continuously Connected Healthcare Ecosystem Travelling Abroad For Medical Care Should Never Be A Step In The Dark. That Is Why Remedazo Has Created A Continuously Connected Healthcare Ecosystem That Begins From Your First Contact Moment. Step By Step, We Work Together To Arrange A Faultless Journey Attuned To Your Needs. Your Personal Team Integrates Every Aspect Of Your Stay, Treatment And Recovery Within A Single Package, Taking Away The Need For Unnecessary Stress And Paperwork. Remedazo’s Ability To Provide Personalised Essential And Non-Essential Services Means Your Medical Tourism Journey Is Never A Leap Of Faith But A Thoroughly Informed And Carefully Calculated Decision. Collaboration – A Fundamental Value In Your Medical Tourism Journey

Collaborative Healthcare Requires Open Communication Between Patient And Caregiver. A Collaborative Continuous Connected Healthcare Ecosystem Adds A Further Channel Of Communication – Your Environment. As Far As We Are Concerned, Patient Collaboration Does Not Simply Mean Your Choice Of Medical Facility Or Physician, It Also Means Respecting Every One Of Your Preferences As Regards Travel Preparation, Accommodation, Ease Of Communication And Transportation.


We Choose To Keep You Informed

Remedazo’s Aim Is To Provide A Sense Of Relief Whenever Our Patient Partners Put Their Health Into Our Hands. We Will Always Keep You Fully Informed Of Every Option In A Language You Understand; Transparency Is An Ethical Choice Which Every Service Should Embrace. One Of The Ways In Which We Can Ensure Your Complete Peace Of Mind Right From The Very Start Of Your Medical Journey Is Through Our Free E-Consult Option. Talk To A Primary Care Physician From The Comfort And Calm Of Your Home Environment At A Time That Suits You. This Gives You Thespace To Do Your Own Research, Write Down Your Questions, And Let Us Know What You Expect

You Are Encouraged To Learn More About The Types Of Treatment Available To You, Find Out How Long You Will Need To Recover, Review Your Choices Concerning Sedation And Anaesthesia, Listen To How Your Physician Will Manage Any Pain, And Have The Time To Prepare Should You Need To Follow A Particular Diet Or Exercise Schedule Before Or After Treatment. Knowing More Usually Gives A Sense Of Relief; However, If You Are The Type Of Person Who Becomes Uncomfortable With Detailed Medical Information, Just Let The Physician Know During Your Free E-Consult. Your Wishes Will Be Respected And Taken Note Of. We Will Also Ensure The Entire Team Knows How You Wish To Experience Your Medical Tourism Journey. While The Free E-Consult Is A Medical Consultation, Other Team Members Will Always Be Available To Answer Any Of Your Non- Medical Queries, Such As The Hospital Setting, Travel Arrangements, And The Possible Combination Of Your Procedure With Further Rehabilitation Or Reconditioning In An Exotic But Restful Environment.

Your Personal Physician

A Permanent Medical Guide For Every Patient

To Keep You Constantly Within The Loop During Your Medical Tourism Experience, Remedazo Has Taken A Unique Step. We Will Supply You With A Medical Professional Guide. This Personal Physician Will Be Available To Advise You Throughout Your Stay, And Is An Important Member Of Your Care Team.

He Or She Can Answer Any Generalised Medical Queries You May Have Forgotten To Ask During Your Free E-Consult, Add Their Own Experienced And Sympathetic Observations, Or Simply Give You A Heightened Sense Of Security. Having A Remedazo Physician Who Has Taken The Time To Get To Know You, Your Medical Needs, And Any Psychological Or Emotional Requirements On A More Personal Level Means You Always Have A Professionally Trained Doctor Who Is Able To Represent You.

Your Personal Physician Also Helps To Monitor Your Progress Together With Your Chosen Surgeon Or Doctor. The Hospital Or Clinic Doctor Provides Exemplary Physical Monitoring, But The Addition Of A Personal Physician Makes Us Unique. This Medical Professional Will Be Familiar With More Than Your Medical Requirements, And His Or Her Constant Support Means We Are Able To Stand By Our Promise Of Concentric Care That Revolves Around Your Preferences, Your Wishes And Your Needs

Post-Treatment Follow-Up

Remedazo Continues To Care After You Arrive Back Home

When We Promise A Complete Medical Tourism Package That Puts You – The Patient – First, We Mean It. Our Patient Monitoring Service Continues After You Return Home.

For The Majority Of Our Clients, This Extra Service May Be Seen As Unnecessary; However, We Believe That Complete Medical Care Should Begin Before You Leave Home And Continue Until The Healing Process Is Complete

At Your Post-Treatment Follow-Up Session, We Will Double-Check From A Distance To Make Sure Your Medical Journey Has Been Much More Than Simply Satisfactory. We Can Answer Any Remaining Questions You May Have. If You Don’t Have Any, We Still Rely On Your Personal Feedback, As Only Through Your Input That We Can Continue To Improve Both Our Company And Service And Make Ourselves The Best, Most Trustworthy Medical Tourism Providers In The Country.

Of Course, This Post-Treatment Follow-Up Does Not Replace The Monitoring Process After Surgery Or Treatment. This Is An Additional Service That Any Professional And Caring Medical Tourism Company Should Include As Standard.

Remedazo Is Always Ready To Support You Both At Home Or Abroad. The Results Of Your Post-Treatment Follow-Up Mean We Are Then Able To Close Your Private File On A Positive Note, Both You And We Happy In The Knowledge That You Have Received And Benefitted From The High-Quality Care You Deserve.

Medical Legal Support

An Extra Layer Of Security From Remedazo

As An Extra Service, Remedazo Also Has A Legal Support Team On Hand Should You Ever Need It. While We Only Work Together With Proven Medical Professionals, No Doctor – No Matter How Qualified – Can Guarantee A Risk-Free Procedure.

Your Chances Of Needing Our Legal Support Team Are Slim, But If You Require Advice Or Assistance For Any Medical Services Provided To You Through Remedazo, They Will Be Happy To Assist. This Means We Can Add Yet Another Layer To Our Multi-Level Medical Tourism Experience; A Further Reason To Put Yourself Into Our Caring Hands And Let Us Provide A Transparent Service Based Upon Your Physical, Psychological And Emotional Needs And Preferences.

Our Medical Legal Support Team Will Assist You In Your Search For The Right Legal Representation When Away Home As Well As Help Synchronize Services After You Have Returned. No-One Wants To Consider The Possibility Of Human Or Mechanical Error, But Be Assured That Your Remedazo Team Will Continue To Support You If Such An Event Occurs.


Thank you Remedazo to existIt’s a medical field which help patients all around the worldThe practice is terrific. It combines expertise and willingness to listen and discuss.The doctors made you feel at ease and confident. They are professional kind and friendlyI highly recommend RemedazoIt’s been a wonderful and warm experience.Dr Anup is incredible. Not only he has taken good care of my health but he is lovely to speakIt’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for patient.
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