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These Terms Of Use ("Terms") Apply Exclusively To Your Access To, And Use Of The Website,, And Service Through The Website Owned And Operated By Remedazo Global Medical Services Private Limited (Herein After Known As “Remedazo”, “Company”). If You Are Using The Website Or Services On Behalf Of Any Entity, You Represent And Warrant That You Are Authorized To Accept These Terms On Such Entity's Behalf And That Such Entity Agrees To Indemnify You And THE COMPANY For Its Violations Of These Terms.

The Company Reserves The Right To Change Or Modify These Terms At Any Time And In Its Sole Discretion. If There Are Any Changes To These Terms, We Will Provide You With Notice Of Such Changes, Such As By Sending An Email, Posting A Notice On The Website Or Updating The Date At The Top Of These Terms. Your Continued Use Of The Website Or Services Will Confirm Your Acceptance Of The Revised Terms. We Encourage You To Frequently Review The Terms To Ensure You Understand The Terms And Conditions That Apply To Your Use Of The Wand Services. If You Do Not Agree To The Amended Terms, You Must Stop Using The Website And/Or Services.

Please Keep In Mind That This Document Is A Legally Binding Agreement Between You As The User Of The Website (Referred To As “You”, “Your” Or “User” Hereinafter) And The Company. "You”, “You” Or “User” In The Terms Listed Below Refers To Patient Directly Or His Or Her Relative/Friend Or Any One Making The Booking Or Payment On His/Her Behalf Or Accompanying The Patient During His/Her Medical Treatment To India. If You Have Not Attained The Age Of Giving Legal Consent, According To Applicable Laws, To This Agreement, Your Parent Or Guardian Must Agree To This Agreement On Your Behalf.


Remedazo Provides Medical Tourism Technology Platform To Distribute The Medical Tourism Services Between Medical Service Providers (E.g. Hospitals And Clinics), Medical Tourism Facilitators And Ancillary Service Providers (E.g. Spa, Language Translators, Hotels And Other Travel Suppliers).

We Help Our Users To Search, Find And Connect With Different Medical Tourism Entities To Create Better Products And Packages To Help Medical Travellers Access Care. REMEDAZO Provides Preliminary Consultation Or Medical Opinion Of Doctors/Consultant/Doctors For Your Medical Condition. Plans Your Medical/Travel/Accommodation Itinerary And Assists You In Execution Of The Same (Herein Referred To As 'Treatment Consultation, Planning & Facilitation Services')

Books Or Assist You In Booking Plastic/Cosmetic Treatment, Dentistry, Cardiac, Neurological/Neurosurgical, Spinal, Orthopaedic, Joint Replacement And Other Procedures/Treatment (Herein Referred To As The "Treatment Booking Services").

Books Or Assist You In Booking Hotels, Serviced Apartments Or Other Accommodations For You (Herein Referred To As The "Accommodation Booking Services "); And

Important: Other Than Making Information And Expert Opinion From Third Parties Available To You, Introducing You To Third Party Providers Of Goods And Services, And Booking, REMEDAZO Shall Act In Good Faith And Will Help The Patients/Clients To Resolve Issues If Any With The Ultimate Service Providers Such As The Hospital.


This Website Is Intended Solely For Users Who, If They Are A Natural Person, Are Eighteen (18) Years Of Age Or Older, And Any Registration By, Use Of Or Access To The Website By Any Natural Person Under 18 Is Unauthorized, Unlicensed And In Violation Of These Terms Of Use. By Using The Service Or The Website, You Represent And Warrant That You Agree To And Will Abide By All Of The Terms And Conditions Of These Terms Of Use And Will Not Use The Website Or Its Services For Any Illegal Activity. If You Violate Any Of These Terms Of Use, Or Otherwise Violate An Agreement Between You And Us, The Company May Terminate Your Membership, Delete Your Profile And Any Content Or Information That You Have Posted On The Website And/Or Prohibit You From Using Or Accessing The Service Or The Website (Or Any Portion, Aspect Or Feature Of The Service Or The Website), At Any Time In Its Sole Discretion, With Or Without Notice, Including Without Limitation If It Believes That You Are Under 18.


For Use Of The Website And Its Services, You Shall Be Responsible For Creating An Account With Us, Maintaining The Confidentiality Of Your Display Name And Password And You Shall Be Responsible For All Activities That Occur Under Your Display Name And Password. You Agree That If You Provide Any Information That Is Untrue, Inaccurate, Not Current Or Incomplete Or We Have Reasonable Grounds To Suspect That Such Information Is Untrue, Inaccurate, Not Current Or Incomplete, Or Not In Accordance With The This Terms Of Use, We Shall Have The Right To Indefinitely Suspend Or Terminate Or Block Access Of Your Membership On The Website And Refuse To Provide You With Access To The Website Or Its Services.


If You Choose, Or Are Provided With, A User Name, Password, Or Any Other Piece Of Information As Part Of Our Security Procedures, Users Shall Bear All Responsibility For Maintaining The Confidentiality Of Such Information; Undertaking / Implementing Reasonable Security Measures To Protect The Same From Malicious Attacks Or Inadvertent Losses And For Any Activity Including Transactions That Are Undertaken From The User Account And You Agree To Notify Us Immediately Of Any Unauthorized Access To Or Use Of Your User Name Or Password Or Any Other Breach Of Security. You Also Agree To Ensure That You Exit From Your Account At The End Of Each Session.

We Have The Right To Disable Any User Name, Password, Or Other Identifier, Whether Chosen By You Or Provided By Us, At Any Time In Our Sole Discretion For Any Or No Reason, Including If, In Our Opinion, You Have Violated Any Provision Of These Terms. Remedazo May Also, In Its Sole Discretion, Limit The Number Of Accounts That You May Hold, Maintain Or Acquire.


You Agree, Understand And Acknowledge That Remedazo Is A Platform, A Venue To Distribute The Medical Tourism Services Related Services By Enabling The Users, I.e. Medical Service Providers, Medical Tourism Facilitators And Ancillary Service Providers, To Connect And Communicate With Each Other.

Remedazo's Role Is To Merely Introduce Supplier Of Those Goods And Services To You And Pass On Their Opinion To You "As Is". Remedazo Does Not Make Any Express Or Implied Representation Or Warranty That Any Services Or Goods Supplied By Third Parties To You Will Be Fit For Your Required Purpose Or Supplied By Them With Reasonable Care And Skill.

You Further Agree And Acknowledge That The Website Is Only Involved To Introduce The Patients To Different Service Providers As Per The Requirement By Any User And Cannot Warranty The Quality And Merchantability Of The Services Provided. Remedazo Shall Act As A Facilitator, An Intermediary And Shall Not And Cannot Be A Party To Or Control In Any Manner Any Transactions Between The Users.

Remedazo Shall Neither Be Responsible Nor Liable To Mediate Or Resolve Any Disputes Or Disagreements Between The Users. Remedazo Shall Neither Be Liable Nor Responsible For Any Actions Or Inactions Of Users Or Any Breach Of Conditions, Representations Or Warranties By The Users.

The Services And Goods To Be Provided By Third Parties Are Subject To The Terms And Conditions And Limitations Of Liability As May Be Separately Imposed By The Third Parties (Namely, The Hospitals, Clinics, Hotels, Airlines And Other Providers Of Goods And Services To You) (Some Of Which Limit Or Exclude Liability In Respect Of Death, Personal Injury, Delay And Loss Or Damage To Baggage).


As A Provider Of Medical Tourism Facilities, You May Be Required To Provide Health Related Information Of Your Clients And You Hereby Agree And Warrant That You Are Under The Obligation To Procure Absolute Consent From Your Clients To Transfer Their Health Information To Or Through Us. You Hereby Agree To Indemnify The Company In Its Entirety In Relation To Any Liability Arising In Relation To The Transfer, Loss, Processing Or Communication Of This Data.


The Patients' Applications Sent Via Our Web Site Or Requested By Phone Call Are Received By REMEDAZO. Our Representative’s Are Trained To Answer General Questions About The Procedures And Terms Of The Service .If The Patient Has Questions Related To Medical Issues, The Advisor Will Pass The Questions On To The Medical Professional For His/ Her Expert Opinion.

We Always Encourage You To Ask As Many Questions As Possible To Clear All Your Doubts. No Question Is Small; You Should Always Clear Even The Minutest Of Your Doubt. You Can Even Ask For The Direct Number Of The Treating Doctor To Make The Final Decision And Speak With The Treating Consultant/Doctor/ Doctor Directly To Verify Or Understand His/ Her Opinion Directly.

Important: Remedazo Takes All Precautions To Pass On The Information/ Opinion Of The Consultant/Doctors "As Is" To You. Remedazo Does Not Take Any Guarantee That The Consultation Passed On To You Will Suit Your Requirements And Cannot Be Held Responsible If On Face To Face Consultation The Consultant/Doctor/ Doctor's Opinion Varies With Opinion Over The E-Mail Sent To You.


The Amount Fixed By REMEDAZO On The First Stage Is An Estimate. The Final Amount Will Be Confirmed After The Face To Face Consultation. It Is Important To Insist That The Original Estimate May Be Modified After The Personal Evaluation Carried Out By The Professional, Once The Patient Has Arrived In India.

Items Included In The Quotation

The Quotation For A Standard Medical Trip Includes The Following:

  1. Consultant/Doctor Consultation.

  2. The services of the Consultant/Doctor for the purpose of carrying out the selected Treatment Procedure(s).

  3. The services of a specialist anesthesiologist (if required).

  4. Post-operative accommodation at the private clinic/hospital for the specified period of time for the required procedure.

  5. Operation theatre charges for carrying out the required procedure.

  6. General medication required immediately following post operation.

  7. Post-operative consultation prior to your departure.

Airport Transfers

  1. One transfer for follow up with the Consultant/Doctor at the hospital/ clinic after discharge from the hospital.

The Quotation Does Not Include:

  1. Any additional medical expenses that might be incurred following any Treatment as a result of unforeseen complications.

  2. Travel insurance and / or any medical insurance.

  3. Any procedure for which an estimate is not given.

  4. Tours or outings.

  5. Additional expenses not specified in the Pre-Consultation Price Estimate and the Final Price Amount.

  6. Meals (unless they are specified in the Pre-Consultation Price Estimate and the Final Price Amount as being included in the price).

  7. Additional costs incurred by weather or failure of transport services or other circumstances beyond the control of Remedazo.

  8. Taxes levied by the government of India.


Patients With Known Pre-Existing Diseases Can Be Asked To Make An Extra Deposit If The Treating Doctor Or Consultant/Doctor Deems It Necessary (Apart From The Package) That Will Be Used For The Specific Analysis Required By His/Her Condition Or For Hiring Specialized Medical Staff To Assist The Patient During The Procedure.

The Extra Deposit Towards Handling Pre-Existing Diseases Will Be Reimbursed To The Patient If No Extra Services Related To His/Her Pre-Existing Condition Is Needed.

The Consultant/Doctors Will Not Perform Any Procedure That Might Have Negative Effects On The Patient's Health Without Taking All The Necessary Precautions.

We Strongly Advise You That You Should Tell Us And Your Doctor Candidly About Any Pre-Existing Conditions, Medications You Are On, Previous Procedures Or Treatment You Underwent.


If The Compulsory Medical Studies Show That The Patient Suffers From A Pre-Existing Condition Or Disease That May Interfere With The Procedure But Of Which The Patient Has No Previous Knowledge: The Patient Will Be Informed About His/Her Medical Condition And About The Possible Consequences The Procedure Will Have On His/Her Health, The Patient Will Can Be Asked To Pay A Deposit (Apart From The Package) That Will Be Used For Specific Analysis Or For Hiring Specialized Medical Staff, The Extra Deposit Will Be Reimbursed To The Patient If No Extra Services Related To His/Her Pre-Existing Conditions Are Needed.

The Consultant/Doctors Will Not Perform Any Procedure That Might Have Negative Effects On The Patient's Health Without Taking All The Necessary Precautions.

Important Term: Any Unforeseen Complications Arising Because Of Your Pre-Existing Conditions Including But Not Limited To Diabetes, Hypertension Etc. Will Be Your Responsibility. Remedazo Will Not Be Held Responsible If Any Complications Arise Because Of Any Medical Condition Which May Have Had Earlier Known Or Unknown To You Or Any Complication That May Arise During The Procedure.

Important: The Consultant/Doctor And Remedazo Are Under No Obligation To Perform The Procedure If You Are Suffering From Any Pre-Existing Disease Which You May Or May Not Be Aware Of And Results In Your Non Eligibility Of Getting The Treatment/ Procedure Performed On You. The Deposit Paid By You Shall Be Refundable After Adjusting For The Expenses That Remedazo May Have Incurred Under These Circumstances.


If Complications Arise That Will Require Additional Interventions Or Extended Hospitalization, The Cost Will Be Established By Remedazo/ Treating Consultant/Doctor/ Hospital And Paid By You.

Important Term: It Is Understood That, In Medical Procedures Including But Not Limited To Plastic/ Cosmetic Treatment, Dentistry, Bariatric Treatment, Dermatology Etc There Exists The Possibility Of Discrepancies Between The Consultant/Doctor And The Patient As Regards The Results. Remedazo Reminds You That All Medical Procedures Carry Some Risk And Have Limitations Which Could Include But Not Limited To Disappointment With The Results.


Once The Date For The Trip And All The Details Concerning The Medical Services Have Been Agreed Upon, You Will Make Full Payment Towards Accommodation And Flights/ Tours And A Non-Refundable/Refundable Administration Fees To Secure The Bookings Of Surgical Procedures.

Any Deposit Payable To Remedazo Can Be Paid Via Bank Transfer As Indicated On The Invoice & And Will Be Deducted From The Agreed Cost Estimate.

Balance Of The Fees Shall Be Payable Directly To The Consultant/Doctor/ Hospital At Your Pre-Operative Consultation Before The Procedure. Payment Can Be Made Via Valid Credit Card Or Travellers Cheque Or Cash.

Important Term : Any Accommodation Bookings And Flight/ Tour Bookings Confirmed And Not Taken Up Will Be Subject To Cancellation Fees. The Cancellation Fee Applicable Would Be That Of The Third Party Providing The Services Or Goods To You.

Advance Fees Paid Towards Surgical Bookings Will Be Refundable Subject To The Term & Policies Of The Hospital/ Treating Doctor/ Clinic Under All Circumstances.

All Credit Card Payments Are Subject To Exchange Rate Fluctuations, Determined By Your Issuing Bank.

Arrival In India

We Encourage That:-

  • On the day following your arrival, you will have an appointment with the nominated Consultant/Doctor.

  • Consultation with the Consultant/Doctor

  • The Consultant/Doctor Consultation serves a number of purposes. These include the following.

    • a) The Consultant/Doctor Consultation will help the Consultant/Doctor determine the appropriateness (from a medical perspective) of each Treatment Procedure you wish to undergo.

    • b) The Consultant/Doctor will take the opportunity to explain the Treatment and the procedure. The Consultant/Doctor will also inform you of any form or consent which the hospital may require from you or to be signed by you.

    • c) To give you the opportunity to meet the Consultant/Doctor and ask any questions you may have.

    • d) In addition, the Consultant/Doctor will determine if any additional procedures are required that will add to the cost as set out in the Pre-Consultation Price Estimate.

  • You ask as many questions as you may have as we believe that you need to make an educated choice.

  • You should agree about the anticipated outcome of your Treatment and concur about your expectations of the results.

  • You should discuss alternative treatments and thoroughly understand the risk of the procedures

Important Term: It Is Understood That You Agree To The Procedure, Outcomes And Results Of The Treatment Or Procedure Including But Not Limited To Plastic/ Cosmetic Treatment, Dentistry, Optical, Laser, Skin Treatment, Cardiac, Joint Replacement With Your Consultant/Doctor On Face To Face Consultation. It Is Understood That You Have Thoroughly Understood The Potential Risks Or Complications With Regards To The Procedure And Are Clear About The Results And Outcomes Before You Undergo The Procedure.


  • Before arrival in India

    If For Any Reason You Decide To Cancel The Trip After Having Paid The Deposit Or The Total Package's Cost, Remedazo Offers Following Alternatives:

    • a) You may use the amount paid as a credit at no interest payable to you. The credit will expire in 1 Year.

    • b) You may transfer the payment to another patient. Remedazo will consider it as a new case and establish the new procedure after a consultation with the Consultant/Doctor. A new quotation shall be applicable for this patient.

    • c) Money will be refunded with/without adjusting any expense that may have already been incurred and such refund shall be governed by the Service Providers Terms and Conditions.

  • After arrival in India

    If For Any Reason You Decide To Cancel The Trip After Having Paid The Deposit Or The Total Package's Cost, Remedazo Offers Following Alternatives:

    • a) If, following the Consultant/Doctor Consultation, the Consultant/Doctor or yourself elects not to proceed with the Treatment Procedure, the amount paid for the Deposit towards surgical procedures will only be refunded as per the Service Providers refund policy. The cancellation of hotel/ serviced apartment or any third-party goods or services booked by you shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the party providing you the services.

Booking Of Tours / Return After The Treatment:-

Remedazo Will Send You The Timelines For Recovery As Advised By The Treating Doctor. It Is Understood That The Recovery Time Is Individualistic And Varies With Every Patient. There Can Be Variation In The Timelines Specified In The Itinerary Prepared For You. It May Happen That You Have To Change Your Return Dates. If You Are Booking Any Expensive Tours After Your Surgical Procedure, We Recommend That You Take Travel Insurance To Cover The Tour Cost.

Important Term : When Booking The Holiday And Procedure, It Is Important That You Understand That Dates Specified For Consultation, Procedures And Recovery Time Set Out In The Itinerary May Vary Depending Upon But Not Limited To Factors Such As Your Recovery After The Treatment. You Acknowledge And Agree That Remedazo Cannot Be Held Responsible For Any Change In Travel Plans Which Can Include But Not Limited To Changing The Dates Of Your Return Ticket Back Home Or Tour After The Treatment Or Cancelling Your Tour Completely.

Variation In Booking:-

Following The Payment Of Your Deposit, You May Amend Your Dates Of Travel, Subject To Any Surcharge Or Fee Imposed By The Hotel/ Serviced Apartment/ Flights/ Tours Or Any Third Party In Respect Thereof.

For Deposit Towards Treatment Procedures, Remedazo Will Hold The Amount Paid By You As Credit (With No Interest Payable To You) In Your Name Which Can Be Used Within One Year Of The Amount Paid. The Unused Credit Will Be Transfer Back To The Patient After Deduction Of Conversion Charges And As Per The Service Providers Refund Policy. Remedazo Will Give You A New Estimate At The Time Of Your Coming To India And That Would Prevail Over The Previous Cost Estimates Sent To You.

Passport And Visa:-

You Need A Valid Visa- Tourist/ Medical And A Passport Valid For Six Months To Enter India .We Advise You Do Not Buy Any Non-Refundable Tickets Before You Obtain Visa To India.

Important: Remedazo Shall Assist You To Get Medical Visa By Obtaining A Letter From Your Treating Consultant/Doctor And/ Or Hospital Stating Your Reason Of Coming To India Is For Medical Purpose. You Must However Agree And Acknowledge That Remedazo Is Not A Travel Agent And Does Not Provide Advice In Relation To Visa Or Passport Requirements. It Is Your Responsibility To Make Sure All Required Travel Documents Are Valid And Correct. Remedazo Cannot Be Held Responsible If You Have To Change Your Dates Or Cancel The Trip If You Are Not Able To Obtain Valid Visa Before You Travel.


Remedazo Does Not Include Any Insurance In The Cost Established To You.

Accordingly, Remedazo Strongly Recommends That You Take Out Travel Insurance, So That You Will Be Comprehensively Insured For Your Travel. Subject To Your Requirements, Remedazo Recommends That You Take Out Travel Insurance That Covers You Against Cancellation Fees And Loss Of Deposits, Emergency Medical, Overseas Medical And Hospital Expenses, Thief, Luggage Delay, Travel Delay, Personal Liability And Car Rental Excess.

Certain Travel Insurance May Not Cover You For Costs Incurred As A Result Of Elective Treatment Or Medical Malpractice In Connection With Elective Treatment. Remedazo Recommends That You Consider Obtaining Specialist Insurance For This Purpose.

Important Term: You Acknowledge That Remedazo Has Not Offered You Any Insurance Or Advice In Relation To A Particular Insurance Product.

Limitation Of Responsibility And Liability:-

Remedazo Provides The Accommodation Booking Service, Travel Arrangements And Treatment Booking Service Primarily However If Any Client Requires Any Other Service Then REMEDAZO Shall With The Help Of Third Party Service Providers Arrange For Those Services At The Request Of The Patient . Other Than Making Information From Third Parties Available To You, Introducing You To Third Party Providers Of Goods And Services, Organizing Tickets And Facilitating Payment Of Goods And Services By You To Third Parties, Remedazo Is Not Itself Providing You With Any Goods Or Services In The Capacity Of A Principal. Third Party Principals (Not Sub-Contractors To Remedazo) Provide All Goods And Services To You (Including Tours, Travel, Activities, Meals, Consultations, Operations And Procedures).

Whilst Remedazo Will Use Its Best Endeavours To Exercises Every Reasonable Care In The Selection Of Third Parties To Whom You Are Introduced And Who May Provide Goods And Services To You In Connection With Your Medical Trip. It Is Important To Note, Therefore That:

(A) Remedazo's Role Is To Merely Introduce You To The Supplier Of Those Goods And Services And Remedazo Does Not Make Any Express Or Implied Representation Or Warranty That Any Goods Or Services Supplied By Third Parties To You Will Be Fit For Your Required Purpose Or Supplied By Them With Reasonable Care And Skill; And

(B) The Goods And Services To Be Provided By Third Parties Are Subject To The Terms And Conditions And Limitations Of Liability As May Be Separately Imposed By Tour Operators, Airlines, Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists, Hotels And Other Providers Of Goods And Services To You (Some Of Which Limit Or Exclude Liability In Respect Of Death, Personal Injury, Delay And Loss Or Damage To Baggage).

Neither Remedazo Nor Any Of Its Officers, Employees Or Directors Are Doctors, Dentists Or Otherwise Qualified To Provide Information In Relation To Any Treatment Or Medical Procedure. You Acknowledge And Accept That Remedazo (Or Any Of Its Officers, Employees Or Directors) Has Not Offered Any Advice Or Expressed Any Opinion That A Reasonable Person Would Consider As Being An Advice Or Opinion In Relation To Any Medical Procedure Or Treatment Procedure (Including With Respect To Any Risks, Side Effects Or Otherwise).

Remedazo Does Not Accept Any Liability Of Whatever Nature For The Acts, Omissions Or Default, Whether Negligent Or Otherwise, Of Tour Operators, Airlines, Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics, Dentists, Hotels And Other Providers Of Goods And Services To You Directly Or Indirectly In Connection With Any Goods And Services Booked By Remedazo On Your Behalf. However REMEDAZO Will Provide Full Support To Patient To Handle Dispute, And Shall Always Stand By The Patient Side To Resolve The Issue Amicably.

Without Limiting The Provisions Of This Clause, You Agree To Be Bound By The Terms Of Any Contract Between A Third Party Provider Of Goods And Services And Yourself (Which May Be Evidenced In Writing By The Issue Of A Ticket, Voucher, Coupon Confirmation Or The Like).

Remedazo Does Not Accept Any Liability In Contract Or In Tort For Any Injury, Damage, Loss, Delay, Additional Expenses Or Inconvenience Caused Directly Or Indirectly By Force Majeure Or Other Events Which Are Beyond Our Control, Or Which Are Not Preventable On Our Part.

The Services Provided By Remedazo In Accordance With The Terms Hereof Is Deemed To Be Made In Manesar, Haryana India And Any Disputes Shall Be Dealt 

With Within India And You Agree To Submit To The Jurisdiction Of The Courts Of Gurgaon, India.

Any Provision Of, Or The Application Of Any Provision Of, These Terms And Conditions Which Is Void, Illegal Or Unenforceable In Any Jurisdiction Does Not Affect The Validity, Legality Or Enforceability Of That Provision In Any Other Jurisdiction Or Of The Remaining Provisions In That Or Any Other Jurisdiction.

Remedazo Wont Take Any Legal Liability But In Case Of Any Fraudulent, Illegal Or Dispute With Service Provider. We Will Provide Full Support To Patient To Handle Dispute; Remedazo Will Take Part On Patient Side To Resolve The Issue.


Remedazo May Ask The Users To Provide Reviews, Feedback, Or Testimonials, Hereinafter Referred To As “Feedback”, For Other Users. The Feedback Should Not Be Intentionally Damaging, Offensive Or Malicious. The Feedback May Be Used For Internal Purposes But Could Also Be Used Publicly On The Website. Remedazo Will Not Entertain Any False Feedback. The Feedback Should Not Include Any Contact Information Within The Review And Should Not Mention Any Staff Members By Name.


We Take No Responsibility And Assume No Liability For Any Submitted Content Posted Or Submitted By You. We Have No Obligation To Post Your Comments; We Reserve The Right In Our Absolute Discretion To Determine Which Comments Are Published On The Site. If You Do Not Agree To These Terms And Conditions, Please Do Not Provide Us With Any Submitted Content. You Agree That You Are Fully Responsible For The Content You Submit. You Are Prohibited From Posting Or Transmitting To Or From This Site: (I) Any Unlawful, Threatening, Libelous, Defamatory, Obscene, Pornographic, Or Other Material Or Content That Would Violate Rights Of Publicity And/Or Privacy Or That Would Violate Any Law; (Ii) Any Commercial Material Or Content (Including, But Not Limited To, Solicitation Of Funds, Advertising, Or Marketing Of Any Good Or Services); And (Iii) Any Material Or Content That Infringes, Misappropriates Or Violates Any Copyright, Trademark, Patent Right Or Other Proprietary Right Of Any Third Party. You Shall Be Solely Liable For Any Damages Resulting From Any Violation Of The Foregoing Restrictions, Or Any Other Harm Resulting From Your Posting Of Content To This Site.


You Represent, Warrant And Agree That Materials Of Any Kind Submitted Through Your Account Or Your Conduct While Availing The Service Will Not Violate Or Infringe Upon The Rights Of Any Third Party, Including Copyright, Trademark, Privacy, Publicity Or Other Personal Or Proprietary Rights; Or Contain Libelous, Defamatory, Fraudulent Or Otherwise Unlawful Material. You Further Agree That You May Not Use The Service Or The Website In Any Unlawful Manner Or In Any Other Manner That Could Damage, Disable, Overburden Or Impair The Website. In Addition, You Agree Not To Use The Service Or The Website To:

  • use any automated means to access this Website or collect any information from the Website (including, without limitation, robots, spiders, scripts or other automatic devices or programs).

  • intimidate, harass or in any way interfere with, disrupt, negatively affect or inhibit other users from fully enjoying our Services User.

  • impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent yourself, your age or your affiliation with or authority to act on behalf of any person or entity.

  • Develop any third-party Websites that interact with our Services without our prior written consent.

  • Provide false, inaccurate, or misleading information and

  • Encourage or induce any third party to engage in any of the activities prohibited under this Section.


Third Parties May Provide Certain Information And Content To Remedazo (“Third Party Content”). The Third Party Content Is, In Each Case, The Copyrighted Work Of The Creator/Licensor, And May Be Subject To Terms Of Use And/Or Privacy Policies Of Such Third Parties. Please Contact The Appropriate Third Party For Further Information Regarding Such Terms. This Website May Provide Links To Other Web Websites Or Resources Over Which Remedazo Does Not Have Control (“External Web Websites”). Such Links Do Not Constitute An Endorsement By Remedazo Of Those External Web Websites. You Acknowledge That Remedazo Is Providing These Links To You Only As A Convenience, And Further Agree That Remedazo Is Not Responsible For The Content Of Such External Web Websites. If You Decide To Leave Remedazo And Access The External Web Websites Or To Use Or Install Any External Web Website Websites, Software Or Content, You Do So At Your Own Risk And You Should Be Aware That Remedazo's Terms And Policies No Longer Govern. You Should Review The Applicable Terms And Policies, Including Privacy And Data Gathering Practices, Of Any Website To Which You Navigate From Remedazo Or Relating To Any Websites You Use Or Install From The Website. Your Use Of External Web Websites Is Subject To The Terms Of Use And Privacy Policies Located On The Linked To External Web Websites.


The Website, Services And Other Materials Are Provided By This Website Is On An "As Is" Basis Without Warranty Of Any Kind, Express, Implied, Statutory Or Otherwise, Including The Implied Warranties Of Title, Non-Infringement, Merchantability Or Fitness For A Particular Purpose.

To The Maximum Extent Permitted By Applicable Law, We Will Have No Liability Related To User Content Arising Under Intellectual Property Rights, Libel, Privacy, Publicity, Obscenity Or Other Laws. The Website Also Disclaims All Liability With Respect To The Misuse, Loss, Modification Or Unavailability Of Any User Content.

User Acknowledges That Through This Website, Remedazo Merely Acts As A Facilitator, In Order To Facilitate Highest Quality Services To The Users. Remedazo Does Not Warrant That The Functions Contained In This Website Will Be Uninterrupted Or Error Free, That Defects Will Be Corrected, Or That This Website Or The Servers That Make It Available Are Free Of Viruses Or Other Harmful Components, But Shall Endeavour To Ensure User Fullest Satisfaction.

Remedazo Is Not Liable For Any Claims Against Lack Or Deficiency Of Services By Any User; Non-Fulfilment Or Unsatisfactory Fulfilment Of Services. Thus, Remedazo Shall Not Have Any Liability Whatsoever For Any Aspect Of The Arrangements Between The Users Of The Website As Regards The Services. In No Event Shall Remedazo Be Liable For Any Direct, Indirect, Punitive, Incidental, Special, Consequential Damages Or Any Other Damages Resulting From The Use Or The Inability To Use The Services Or Any Other Matter Relating To The Services; Including, Without Limitation, Damages For Loss Of Use, Data Or Profits, Arising Out Of Or In Any Way Connected With The Use Or Performance Of The Website.

Remedazo Shall Not Be Held Responsible For Non-Availability Of The Website During Periodic Maintenance Operations Or Any Unplanned Suspension Of Access To The Website That May Occur Due To Technical Reasons Or For Any Reason Beyond Remedazo's Control. The User Understands And Agrees That Any Material And/Or Data Downloaded Or Otherwise Obtained Through The Website Is Done Entirely At Their Own Discretion And Risk And They Will Be Solely Responsible For Any Damage To Their Computer Systems Or Loss Of Data That Results From The Download Of Such Material And/Or Data.


You Shall Indemnify And Hold Harmless To Remedazo And (As Applicable) Remedazo's Partners, Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Third-Parties And Their Respective Officers, Directors, Agents, And Employees, From Any And All Claims, Liabilities, Damages, Losses, Costs And Expenses, Including Attorney's Fees, Caused By Or Arising Out Of Claims Based Upon The User's Actions Or Inactions, Including But Not Limited To Any Warranties, Representations Or Undertakings Or In Relation To The Non-Fulfilment Of Any Of Its Obligations Under This Agreement Or Arising Out Of The User's Infringement Of Any Applicable Laws, Regulations Including But Not Limited To Intellectual Property Rights, Confidentiality Obligations, Payment Of Statutory Dues And Taxes, Claim Of Libel, Defamation, Violation Of Rights Of Privacy Or Publicity, Loss Of Service By Other Subscribers And Infringement Of Intellectual Property Or Other Rights.


Remedazo Reserve The Right At All Times To Edit, Refuse To Post, Or To Remove, From The Service, Any Information Or Materials For Any Reason Whatsoever, And To Disclose Any Information We Deem Appropriate To Satisfy Any Applicable Law, Regulation, Legal Process, Police Request Or Governmental Request.

Remedazo Reserve The Right To Restrict Your Access To The Service At Any Time Without Notice For Any Reason Whatsoever. Without Prejudice To The Generality Of The Above, We Reserve The Right To Restrict Your Access To The Service At Any Time Without Notice In The Event That We Suspect You To Be In Material Breach Of Any Term Of These Terms Of Use.

The Company Also Reserves The Right To Modify Or Discontinue Temporarily Or Permanently All Or Part Of The Service With Or Without Notice Without Liability For Any Modification Or Discontinuance.


All Website Content Is Our Property Or The Property Of Our Content Suppliers And Is Protected By Copyright Laws. The User Is Not Provided With Any Copyright Interest Or Other Intellectual Property Right In The Product. All Website Content That Is Not Our Property Is Used With Permission. The Arrangement And Compilation Of All Website Content Is Our Exclusive Property And Is Protected By International Copyright Laws. All Software Used On The Website Is Our Property Or The Property Of Our Software Suppliers And Is Protected By International Copyright Laws.


Certain Graphics, Logos, Page Headers, Button Icons, Scripts, And Service Names Are Trademarks, Service Marks, Or Trade Dress Of Our Company Or Our Affiliated Companies. Our Trademarks And Trade Dress May Not Be Used For Any Commercial Or Other Purposes Without Our Prior Written Consent. All Other Trademarks And Service Marks Not Owned By Us Or Our Affiliated Companies That Appear On The Website Are The Property Of Their Respective Owners And May Or May Not Be Used Without Their Prior Written Consent.


We Honor The Intellectual Property Rights Of Others. If You Believe That Your Work Has Been Copied Or Used On The Website In A Way That Constitutes Copyright Or Trademark Infringement, Please Notify Us By Following The Procedure Set Forth In The Immediately Following Paragraph. Except In Limited Instances Under Authorized Agreements, We Do Not Reproduce Or Manufacture The Products Offered On Our Website, But Rather We Purchase Or License Products From Third Party Suppliers That Represent To Us That They Have Sufficient Rights To Allow Us To Display And Sell The Products On The Website. Upon Receipt Of Any Bona Fide Claim Of Infringement, Or Upon Becoming Aware Of Any Actual Or Alleged Infringement By Any Other Means, We Will Remove Such Actual Or Alleged Infringing Product(S) From The Website And/Or Cease Sales Of The Product(S) Pending Our Investigation.


If You Believe That Your Work Has Been Copied, Distributed Or Used On The Website In A Way That Constitutes Copyright Or Trademark Infringement, Please Forward The Following Information To The Company In Way Of A Notice.

  • Your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

  • A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed.

  • The exact URL or a description of where the alleged infringing material is located.

  • A statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law.

  • An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest and.

  • A statement by you, under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf.

The Notice, As Mentioned Above, Shall Be Sent At The Following Address:


You Agree That Remedazo, In Its Sole Discretion, For Any Or No Reason, And Without Penalty, May Suspend Or Terminate Your Use Of Their Website Or Services And Remove And Discard All Or Any Part Of Your Account, User Profile, And Any Content, At Any Time. You Agree That Any Suspension Or Termination Of Your Access To Remedazo Services Or Any Account You May Have May Be Affected Without Prior Notice, And You Agree That Remedazo Will Not Be Liable To You Or Any Third Party For Any Such Termination.

In The Event Of Any Force Majeure Event (As Defined In "General Clauses" Section), Breach Of This Agreement, Or Any Other Event That Would Make Provision Of The Services Commercially Unreasonable For Remedazo, We May, In Our Discretion And Without Liability To You, With Or Without Prior Notice, Suspend Your Access To All Or A Portion Of Our Services.


  • Assignment-This Agreement and your rights and obligations shall not be assignable, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Remedazo. Any assignment without Remedazo’ consent is void.

  • Relationship of Parties- Nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed or interpreted as constituting a partnership, joint venture, agency, employer, employee relationship between the parties. No third person is intended to be a third party beneficiary thereof. The parties agree to constructively work together in furtherance of the mutually beneficial object set forth in the agreement.

  • Non-Waiver-The failure of any party to enforce at any time any of the provisions of this agreement shall not be construed to be a waiver of the right of such party thereafter to enforce any such provisions.

  • Severability- If any clause, sentence, paragraph or part of this agreement, or the Website thereof to any person, shall for any reason be adjudged by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, such judgment shall be limited and confined in its operation to the clause, sentence, paragraph or part thereof directly involved in the controversy and remainder of this agreement will continue in full force or effect.

  • Force Majeure- Remedazo shall not be liable for (1) any inaccuracy, error, delay in, or omission of (i) any information, or (ii) the transmission or delivery of information; (2) any loss or damage arising from any event beyond Remedazo's reasonable control, including but not limited to flood, extraordinary weather conditions, earthquake, or other act of God, fire, war, insurrection, riot, labour dispute, accident, action of government, communications, power failure, or equipment or software malfunction or any other cause beyond Remedazo's reasonable control (each, a "Force Majeure Event").

  • Notices-Any notices required or permitted by this agreement shall be deemed given if sent by certified mail, postage prepaid, return receipt requested or by recognized overnight delivery service. All notices hereunder required to be given to the Remedazo shall be sent to its address first mentioned herein and all notices to the user shall be sent to its address/ e-mail address as may be provided during the registration process.

  • Entire Agreement-This agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the Partners hereto and it merges all prior discussions between them relating thereto.

  • Counterparts-This agreement may be executed in multiple counterparts, each of which, when executed and delivered, shall be deemed an original, but all of which shall together constitute one and the same instrument.

  • Headings-Headings and titles in this agreement are for reference purposes only and do not constitute part of this agreement and are of no legal force and effect.

  • Applicable Laws-This agreement will be governed by and interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of India, Haryana without regard to conflict of laws principles thereof.

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